Please read the Requirements and follow the Installation Instructions carefully!


  • Shopware > 5.5
  • PHP > 7.2

Installation Options

Zip Installation package for the Shopware Plugin Manager

  • Download the latest plugin version (e.g. from Github.
  • Upload and install plugin using the Plugin Manager in the Shopware Backend.

Git Version

  • Change to your root Installation of Shopware
  • Checkout Plugin git clone custom/plugins/Swark
  • Change to Directory cd custom/plugins/Swark and run composer install to install the dependencies
  • Install the Plugin with the Plugin Manager

Install with Composer

  • Change to your root Installation of Shopware
  • Run command composer require reconnico/swark and install plugin with Plugin Manager

Cronjob Installation

Make sure that the Shopware Cron is working correctly because Swark is creating a shopware cronjob in the application. For more detailed information and instruction on the Shopware Cron visit the official documentation of Shopware.

Plugin Configuration

After you've successfully installed the plugin you need to configure it correctly. Please continue with the Configuration section. After you've configured the plugin correctly you can activate it.

Last Updated: 5/11/2019, 9:33:19 AM